March 10, 2011

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March 7, 2011

iPhone Apps - photography

Lately i've been browsing more FREE iphone apps and most of it is related with photography. so far i have 12 photography apps downloaded onto my iphone4...:)

the latest one is 'Pudding Camera' which the setting language is korean, & i found it quite cool! it has 8 type of lomo cam with 8 different polarizer/filter..

here are some of the results:

the other app tht i liked most is instagram...which i can edit & post on-the-go also...u can see some of the photos i took using instagram here:




February 28, 2011

My Mya 26th Feb, 2011

isnt she's a big girl already? pejam celik - pejam celik mya dh 6 thn..huhu..pengalaman melahirkan mya 6 years ago adlh one of the most precious moment i ever had and syukur pd Allah atas kurniaanNya...and now she;s so excited for the arrival of her new sister/brother (gender has yet to be known at ths moment) :)
Moga Allah permudahkan segalanya...aminnnn

November 26, 2010

ICoLIS 2010 -due posting..

My goodness!!...i jst noticed tht i still have draft post which i havent complete and post it on my blog. below is my draft which i did & saved as of 26th of Nov, 2011 (almost 3 months ago!!).
anyway, i jst posted the draft without any editing and add up on the last part with few photos. u might find this post a lil bit it goes! ;)

--------------------- start here----

Last posting i promised to update my blog with mini report of my experience attending the ICoLIS 2010...unfortunately i delayed it till today which is 2 weeks after! delaying things! it is sooooo ME! huhuh my bad! memang dh rasa melambatkan or melekakan pekerjaan adalah sinonim sgt dgn diriku...MasyaAllah...x tau dh aper nk jadi dgn hamba Allah nih.
well actually the day after the conference i was really excited to do simple write up about what i felt & experienced during the 2-day input & info sharing, but each time whenever i get to be online, first thing that i will do is checking my facebook, twitter & 2 emails. once i get carried away with the so-called social site with most-number-of-users-globally, i tend to forget everything tht i had plan of the day!!!..well twitter is my most-update non related with my social activity feed...i simply use it as to keep updated with the current news on almost EVERYTHING! still trying to minimize my daily time on both of these tools! as my thesis deadline is jst around the corner! and i hv yet to submit ANY complete chapter to my sv! YA ALLAH...please give me strength to do this i the last minute! (yup, that's my style--> a-last-thrilled-minute-job).

ok, back to the ICoLIS2010...actually during the conference i have tweeted bout things happened but not in a details & reflection manner...jst as an update on who's presenting what & what's if your searching for those tweets, use this hastag #IC0LIS2010. but i guess the highlight of the conference were more one Open Access Issue...which am personally not really into it in the big picture. but somehow interested with the issue where there are institutionals & professionals who still have restricted their mindset into this open access especially when it comes to THESES & DISSERTATION. " however, am glad tht i am one of UM students where they already have taken an initiatives to make selected theses & dissertation available online and downloaded via this link

photos from the events by the organizer can be reached here.

and here is the link photo of me during the Q&A session on the last day of the event! :)


November 8, 2010

blog update

susah nya nak update blog at least every week! even every month pun mcm susah...maybe dh ketandusan idea...but anyway, i hope i could get myself back as a frequent blogger. plus i wanted to practice my writing whether it is in BM or English. i think i'll try to restart with this coming event which is called ICoLIS 2010. it's a 2-day event which happen tomorrow & day after.
at the same time am trying to tweet the updates throughout the event....seeing tweets by those overseas librarian on their local event really inspired me. they shared the info almost as latest & accurate as possible!!! i hope i can do tht as well...

that's all

see u in the next update with photos (i hope! :P)

first try using blogMe app


mya is missing her daddy

August 1, 2010

CUCI the Musical 2

Finally, my loved one secured 3 seats for us at IB. the tickets are selling extremely FAST! the minute we refresh the page and try to check better seats & price, those seats were gone! and we end up buying tickets worth of rm128 each! and the show will be on Sunday 8th August,2010 8:30pm. we missed the first one and really looking forward for this coming show! heard all positives feedback frm friends who watched it and we'r hoping the best from the show...:D

July 23, 2010

July - month of frustration

Been in hiatus (for blog only) about 3 months...maybe because facebooking...which it is consider as a micro-blogging tools as well...
...July is jst not my good month...:( -sigh- due to:
1- unable to reach my set target of submitting my completed thesis draft (5 chapters)
2- submitted only 2 chapters therefore cant apply for wave fees
3- hv to pay rm837 for ths sem (due to reason no 2)
4- still cant really get my thinking hat onto chapter 2 the literature review..
5- no photoshoot outing

anyway, to cheer me up...i reupload my lil girl pic which was taken last month. so here it goes..

April 19, 2010


Am still struggling to do my Chapter 1 & 2 of my thesis.
Last week, i havent get myself back on the database. i really need person to help me with the database but cant afford to pay much for such job.(another 2000 plus biblios to clean up!)
feeling so depressed as have nothing much to achieve in my project. sometimes distracted by houseworks, but i think most of the time by those updates in twitter....(not to forget my facebook notification) because i felt guilty if i dont have at least an info about librarianship and information literacy a day(yes it is related with my thesis). but of course other updates that non-related with my thesis dragged myself to get to know deeper about it especially politics! :P dont worry am not a politic junkie! :D

today, i got this link to this video via one of twitters tht i follow cant remember his name, but i know he's one of Hujan's fan...and i search for the lyric as well.
so enjoy this and sing along with the lyric!

A.P.I- Pelita (Lagu Tema Hooperz)

A.P.I- Pelita(Lagu Tema Hooperz)
Tak pernah sesaat daku meragui
apa yang telah daku temui
slama ini,
Tak pernah sesaat daku menyesali,
apa yang telah aku nikmati,
apa ku alami,
slagi hayat di kandung badan,
Takkan ku menyerah kalah,
walau mimpi ku musnah,
harapan ku hancur,
sayapku patah,
kan ku pancarkan cahaya,
seperti pelita ke srata dunia,
yang gelap gelita
sehingga hembusan nafas
yang terakhir.
tak pernah sesaat ku mencurigai,
apa yg telah aku kecapi,
stakat ini,
tiba saatnya kan ku tangisi,
pada yang pergi, takkan kembali
Kembali lagi,
ulang Korus.
Slagi jasadku belum terkubur!
Slagi tubuhku, belum ditimpa uzur!
pantang datuk nenek moyangku,
Ulang Korus x 2
Akan Ku Pancar Cahaya Seperti Pelita,
Ke Srata Dunia,
Seperti Cahaya…….

March 26, 2010

20 things that happen in 1 minute!

While browsing the PLA (Public Library Association) page, i was linked to another interesting web - and i found a number of quite interesting image created by the web owner. one of it is this one - (plz pay attention to the bottom part of the image about food throwing & starving...) :

every minute
Created by Online Education


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