August 9, 2009



I've been creating so many blog but no posting been i deleted all blogs that i created. tried so many names n feel not so me...n suddenly i remember my flickr here i named it as it is....LadyHonam...
Y? during my school years i loved watching the Young & Dangerous movie series....the main character was named Chan Ho Nam (by Ekin Cheng) and his girlfriend was Smartie (So Ah Sai - cant remeber what was her name)...
n i used this name honamgirl for my YM id since 1998! n yes i still use it till now! :D
tell u what, i jst stop
here as of now cuz i dont really have any idea for my FISRT posting....and it is 12.00 am!!
nite2 chiao!

Thing that make me happy of the day....i bought this Floxy by Stella McCartney shoes!!! woohoo!!!

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