August 27, 2009


I love my new mug bought some times last week. not to say that i support the brand which might lead ppl to say 'dont support Israel product' but the interest of collecting those customized mugs (n pray that the money i paid will not go to whatever association related with Israel's rejim). Plus i'll get a discount of RM2 for any beverage if i use my own mug at any of Starbucks. but all-in-all using mug can help in keeping our earth GREEN!

anyway, last nite i done with my first assignment presentation of my Digital Library class -woohooo!!!-. I thought i will present it next week, luckily i check the e-learning and jst realised that i have the possibility of presenting it last nite, so i got working on it from the morning till 5.30pm! and that makes me came late to class plus driving thru a massive traffic jam due to heavy rain?? i thought i can reach my faculty in 20 minutes as of tht time there's no sign of bad weather before i drive out frm the apartment. but ya it's all God will n i really have to go thru with it and pray that nothing bad will happen as i cant hardly see the road while driving....pretty bad huh...and driving 20-30km/h is not really gonna get me to the faculty in 20minutes!!! and i finally safely reach there by 6.40pm for my 6pm class. but luckily my classmate said the lecturer only started the class about 6.20pm. hope i'm not missing so much in that 20minutes late.

So what is the thing tht makes me happy today? hehe...please see my second para, line 1. heheh jst kid..that is one of it...but the other is...i've reconnected to my other long lost friend last week- my x-schoolmate, x-classmate in matrix, x-unimate!! :D


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