August 10, 2009


I l.o.v.e MUGS!!! especially the custom-made one...since i was in schools i collected a number of mugs, but of course my family were using it...n so now only 1 mug-survivor left which is my 'Telekom' mug that i got when i was in uni. after that i no longer was a-mug-collector until some times in last year i saw this collection of mugs (not a custome-made or corporate-gift mug) at one of mny favourite shopping mall in Damansara....n i goes like ' can i have this?' n start to point so many mugs n saying the same....but at the end i didnt buy them cuz my 'significant other' said "believe me, u dont really need them!"...yes he's a frugal kind of guy n i have to listen to him at tht moment...but hell NO, i'll be back to tht store again next time without him knowing it...(haha-evil-laugh)

and..thing that makes me happy of the day....

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! A JCO mug!! buy 1 free 1 beverage...see? :D

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