August 10, 2009


Mya came to me once i woke up from my afternoon nap and showed me this drawing by her:
i scrutinized it while looking at a toy next to her..which is famously known by almost all kids in this world! Not too fast with my assumption as i never knew spongebob has a kid or vice versa i asked her few questions:

me: Nice one! who's that?
Mya: Mama & mya laaa...

me: ic...which one is mama & which one mya?
Mya: mama pegang bunga, mya budak kecik..(momma with the flower & mya the small one)

me: Why mama ada bunga? (why momma has a flower with me? )
Mya: Daddy kasi la! (Daddy gave it to u!) --> i remember last time i got flower from my hubby was during my convocation day..:P

last question:
me: why we are in square shape?
Mya: sbb mcm spongebobb.... (so we're look like a-spongebob?)

mya's sketch - 10th Aug, 2009 - 4yrs 7mths

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