September 2, 2009


Yesterday she refused to go to school -reason - "i hurt my thumb". and yes she hurt her thumb while playing at Hartz excuse was accepted. She stayed at home the whole day n i didnt send her to her school & her babysitter's house. and as usual i let her do whatever 'mess' she wanted to do as long as it's in her room. So i can do my own 'work' - online laaa what else.

I thought i can have my own peace because she seem so busy for the first 1 hour. after that she kept going in & out of her room jst to get my attention like -
- 'ma i want dugro & nani (refer to her milk & warmwater)', - this is not supposed to happen 1 hour of after her 1st milk shot.
-'ma, i want to sheeshee (pee) - ok..i accept this one..
-'ma, can u plz help me i want to watch 'koya' - refer to my Korea drama DVD "My sassy girl" - yes she likes this drama a lot ok!
-'maaaaaaaa, come here plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' - i hate this part...she called me to come to her room jst to help her to reach an-inch-away-drawing book??!!! urghhh....i got pissed off (not much lah as she jst 4years old maa) and i told her not to disturb me for such thing like that...
and she went like "hehhehe....ok boss! i love u ma!" - and there i sat back & helpless....-sigh-
- and guess it was not jst like that...

SO i asked her to bring her stuff outside near my 'working place' and do her stuff next to me. and she was sooo happy ..why? because she got BIGGER PLACE TO MESS UP!! long as i dont have to walk in & out her room!
since she loves to draw i gave her few pieces of my A4 papers and asked her to draw ME! which i guess that will let her to sit there drawing for quite a long time (and to keep her mouth shut as well hehe). AGAIN, i was wrong and she said "ma, i'm done! how to spell ur name?" Without looking at her i jst spell M.A.M.A and said "ok, if u done, now draw daddy" and happily she sat back and started drawing. few minutes later...."ma!, i'm done again! how to spell daddy?? "really? ok...that's fast lah mya...wowww ok...daddy = d.a.d.d.y"..(expressing my amaze face to her?which i think she loves tht most hahaha)..."hurm...then draw your baby janice" refer to her baby doll...and there she sat drawing quietly again and i didnt look at all the drawing as she stuck them onto her crayola whiteboard...
few moments later..."OK!!! done!! how to spell baby?" and then she wrote 'baby' somewhere on the drawing....andddd....owwhh i love this part when she said "maa, close your eyes" so i closed my eyes waiting for her to say...."SUR - PLAISE!!!! (surprise!)"

copyright by Mya

So, this is more or less - things that happen in my daily life if she was at home...guess i need to help her to polish & encourage her more toward real drawing & soon - painting. :D Maybe i'll bring her & her drawing kit to the zoo next time.
I wonder how will the elephant looks like in her drawing??? (hahaha cant help laughing evil-ly)


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