November 24, 2009

perkataan haram

sbg parent, memang normal that we teach our kids from not saying negative words, simple to say is to curse. words like 'bodo', 'babi', 'celaka', 'shit', and all the f words memang perlu dipantau by parents khuatir jadi kebiasaan budak2 bila membesar.

mya is very alert bila mama or daddy terrlepas cakap with those words...and now i need to 'spell' the curse words instead of saying it directly like "b.o.d.o na juar drebar merce ya ehs!" or twist the words to sth else like "shoot! main mcm s.i.a.l jak!"...
tapi rasanyer now mya can spell some i need to use more new words to replace those.

tetapi, blog kali ni bukan nak crita how to teach kid how to curse in a good jst nak share this story happened last nite. perasan tak buletin tv3 last nite (or was it last 2 nites?) pasal kandang babi kat kpg per tah...tak ingat. so of course the newscaster akan sebut this word 'babi' over n over again....

pemberita: Isu pembinaan kandang babi di kpg x. (reading the title)..
mya: MAAAAAAA!!! dier sebut 'babi' ma!!!
mama: (try hard to focus on her reading & without looking at the girl) aah lah...tak boleh kan mya...eieiee report polis lah mya sbb dier sebut 'b.a.b.i' (of course i spell this fret caught by mya of saying it).
pemberita: (continue reading the news)...bla..bla...'babi'....bla...bla..bla...'babi''babi. (well what do u expect if the title is about 'babi'? )

selagi pemberita sebut tht word...selagi itulah si mya kept bothering me of saying that 'tak boleh sebut 'babi' lah"...aduyaiiii...nasib baik jst for a few minutes...dibuat nyer ader rancangan 360 cerita pasal babi for an hour???? poning kapla den nak dgr!!

i wonder what is happen to the word 'khinzir' ? they dont use such word anymore nowadays?
p/s: i need to find more books about how to educate kids

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