December 9, 2009

kids photo

actually this photo session was done a day after my final exam (which was a month past) and i was excited for the session. so i brought along my fren Iz to help me with the kids. i was just helping my fren who's her mother running a nursery/kindy at Taman permata. kids of 5-6 years of age are mostly love camera (i guess by the way they follow our instruction) and they even excited to see the outcome once i pushed the shutter...(which this make the session drag from 1 hr to 2 hrs long :D) but they are all nice kid.
so here are my 2 fav photos that i managed to do minor edit (which i jst edited it few minutes ago) using am not a PS fan really...:D

i prefer to capture their candid moment rather than a well-posing

they were asked to act like they're gossiping with each other, but they cant help laughing instead of the acting.

i have more nice (i think nice lah) photos in the same folder but i don't feel like editing all of i have to choose only two for the blog.

p/s:i thought i have no motivation to post a blog today...but accidently found this folder of photos which i never touch since then...:D . hope you like them. please drop me a comment if you have good / creative ideas in taking kids photos...thx in advance! :D

motivation...where are you?

yes, that's what i need right now. thinking of where to start, how to do it and manage time for it. havent started my proposal since end of november. even though target time has been set up and scheduled by i still feel demotivated of doing it now especially it's end of the year! where what most ppl think is 'holiday!'.

and i dont hv ideas of what to post in this blog because i dont have the motivation...

ladyhonam - demotivated mode


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