January 13, 2010

Sal's engagement @ Sg Buloh

I supposed to blog this month ago! but btw, there's nothing such 'too late' so, here goes the story.

i was 'hired' by Sal as her photographer of the day. can consider this as my first engagement photoshoot assignment. it was her big day even though it was celebrated as simple as she planned. but we really had fun that day as most of us gathering except for nanim! - it's ur lose nanim! :P

me & Emi was arrived bit late, and by the time we reached sal's house, sara - the makeup artist was there already doing her task - aper lagi make up la...:P. 10 mins after, nad was there with her 2 lil sisters...and she started her setting up for hantaran right away....tht time was about 12.15pm..if im not mistaken laa...

seriously i felt quite unclear of what i need to shoot...but luckily with friends like emi & nad..they gave some ideas on what i should capture on other than the subject herself (Sal, of course). anyway, here some of my fav photos which i uploaded in my facebook:

original compo - using 50mm lense
cropped & minor edited using picnik.com

the ladies - from left Sara (make up), Nad (Hantaran), Sal (the lady boss), me (photo) & Emi (advisor?)

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