March 8, 2010


It's been a update for this blog. since i have been quite busy with my thesis...(not that too busy lah..) and my lil gurl some more...the mood of posting new thing in the blog doesnt come out as first time i'm short to say NO IDEA :P

anyway, yesterday mya had a very tiring yet fun day outing at tasik titiwangsa which jst few minutes from our place. she's been asking & begging to go there since last 2 week! last week we went to sunway lagoon (or lalagun as what mya pronouce it). and the sunburn mark still there at my shoulder! huhuhuu....

so anyway, mya had promised to be my 'model' b4 she get herself sweat at the kids it's been quite long time i didnt got my D80 on capturing good moments..and so, here's are few photos of my lil gurl posing at tasik titiwangsa....enjoy! (and do leave a comment if u like it or dont like it)

mya on the swing!

pose darling! yes, mama luv it!

and pose some more!

while excitedly capturing mya in action at the playground, i saw this lil cute kid sitting at one of the slide helplessly...

signing off!

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