April 19, 2010


Am still struggling to do my Chapter 1 & 2 of my thesis.
Last week, i havent get myself back on the database. i really need person to help me with the database but cant afford to pay much for such job.(another 2000 plus biblios to clean up!)
feeling so depressed as have nothing much to achieve in my project. sometimes distracted by houseworks, but i think most of the time by those updates in twitter....(not to forget my facebook notification) because i felt guilty if i dont have at least an info about librarianship and information literacy a day(yes it is related with my thesis). but of course other updates that non-related with my thesis dragged myself to get to know deeper about it especially politics! :P dont worry am not a politic junkie! :D

today, i got this link to this video via one of twitters tht i follow cant remember his name, but i know he's one of Hujan's fan...and i search for the lyric as well.
so enjoy this and sing along with the lyric!

A.P.I- Pelita (Lagu Tema Hooperz)

A.P.I- Pelita(Lagu Tema Hooperz)
Tak pernah sesaat daku meragui
apa yang telah daku temui
slama ini,
Tak pernah sesaat daku menyesali,
apa yang telah aku nikmati,
apa ku alami,
slagi hayat di kandung badan,
Takkan ku menyerah kalah,
walau mimpi ku musnah,
harapan ku hancur,
sayapku patah,
kan ku pancarkan cahaya,
seperti pelita ke srata dunia,
yang gelap gelita
sehingga hembusan nafas
yang terakhir.
tak pernah sesaat ku mencurigai,
apa yg telah aku kecapi,
stakat ini,
tiba saatnya kan ku tangisi,
pada yang pergi, takkan kembali
Kembali lagi,
ulang Korus.
Slagi jasadku belum terkubur!
Slagi tubuhku, belum ditimpa uzur!
pantang datuk nenek moyangku,
Ulang Korus x 2
Akan Ku Pancar Cahaya Seperti Pelita,
Ke Srata Dunia,
Seperti Cahaya…….


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